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      Certificates Distribution
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eCA self-signed certificate contains its public key. There are several secure distribution channels as followsĄG

(1)After eCA has issued a cross certificate to a CA, it will deliver this cross certificate along with the eCA self-signed certificate or public key to this CA. This CA stores eCA self-signed certificate or public key into the token (such as IC card, etc). This CA distributes such token securely to the certificate users or relying party.

(2)eCA self-signed certificate is stored in the build-in reliable software issued by trusted third party. Certificate users obtain this software via the secure channel (for example, purchase software installation CD-DOM from reliable distributors). After the installation, eCA self-signed certificate is obtained by the certificate users simultaneously.

(3)eCA self-signed public key certificate stores in CD-ROMs with large volume of circulation; certificate users obtain these CD-ROMs via secure channels, at the same time, they will obtain the eCA self-signed certificate.

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